The Bombshell Truth Behind the Rumors About Snacks After Dinner and Dieting

I'm pretty sure that most of us who've ever tried to lose excess fat have probably picked up this number one dieting decree more times than we can count. Do not eat anything after 8 at night ... even if your stomach is growling like a wild animal ... or you'll mess up all your blood, sweat and tears to lose excess fat! You've heard that, correct? Oprah's personal trainer preached it every time he {was on|appeared on|was a guest on|gave advice on her hit talk show. But is abiding by that supposed law enabling us to hit our fat burning goals?.

When I was trying to dump the 20 excess pounds that had slowly gained on me once I started a new and hectic job, I tried my best to stick to the 8 o'clock tip. Anytime I sensed hunger pangs or an evening craving wouldn't stop, I distracted myself by taking a long shower, working on a few of my personal favorite yoga poses or dipping into an attention-grabbing magazine. Still, after {a few|several|more than four| weeks of denying myself a great deal, I still couldn't fit into my favorite jeans and the numbers on the scale were hardly going down much.

That's when I determined to do some online research and revolt against that golden rule of weight loss. It just so happens that for me, my trump card was nibbling at night ... but in a savvy style. Not reaching in the freezer for a carton of ice cream or snapping up a bag of tortilla chips. I had to get inventive. If I had an evening craving for my sweet tooth, I 'd melt a small amount of dark chocolate and enjoy a handful of homemade chocolate-dipped strawberries. If my stomach was growling for a salty snack, I 'd eat a small amount of lightly salted almonds. And if my taste buds screamed for a snack that was both salty and sweet, I dipped a small serving of pretzels into a small serving of melted dark chocolate. Smart nibbles like those silenced my hunger as well as my {late night|after-dinner|evening| cravings and my sense of deprivation evaporated.

I also uncovered through my research that at times our bodies can't make a distinction between thirst and hunger. I felt a need to find out more about that, and that's when I found The Red Tea Detox by weight loss professional Liz Swann Miller. She was given this yummy secret tea in Africa that kept her cravings at bay and helped her to shed 41 pounds! I recognized I needed to learn more.

After further fact-finding, I ordered The Red Tea Detox and got loads of fantastic tools and guidelines for dropping weight ... including that yummy red tea recipe! I added that red tea to the top of my list of natural remedies for cravings and hunger pangs, and after a month, those 20 persistent pounds weren't weighing my confidence down any longer and I could wear my favorite jeans comfortably again. I was also surprised and thrilled that Liz agreed with me about snacks! Her Red Tea Detox plan includes numerous creative and nutritious treats that calm almost any craving you can think up.

I'm thankful to report that I've kept those 20 pounds off for more than three years now, and I still savor Liz's red tea. It's delicious whether it's hot or belly fat burning drinks cold and I even make it into a slushy or a popsicle sometimes. I'm so pleased I picked The Red Tea Detox and I strongly recommend it to anyone. It comes with a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but excess weight! If you purchase The Red Tea Detox and stick to the practical plan, thousands of people with success stories like other mine promise that you'll be thankful you did. Get Red Tea Detox by clicking

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